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Upfitting Your Home

What is an upfit?

Think of an upfit as an upgrade! It's the process of enhancing a space and customizing it to fit your needs, ultimately making your life easier! Upfits can include kitchen organization tools such as waste basket pullouts, drip trays for sink bases, tiered cutlery drawers, and appliance lifts, but they also include things such as replacing countertops, hardware, and installing soft close hinges.



What are the benefits of upfitting your home?

Upfits are designed to fit your lifestyle. They can create ease of accessibility to items in your home and assist in making use of wasted space. Not to mention, they are an economical way to increase the functionality and beauty of your home without an entire remodel!

For example, think about the space you have within your closet. Upfits change the game by improving the way you store, organize, and access your ties, sweaters, pants, jewelry, and everything in between. By installing a few new features such as a tie rack, shoe rail, or a pull out hamper, the way you move through everyday tasks such as putting away laundry, getting dressed, or displaying your favorite accessories in your closet can dramatically change!



What to consider before upfitting?

Whether your space is big or small, it is important to take into account what you currently have and how integrating these tools will help your everyday needs. Consider how you move through your kitchen. When you're making breakfast, do you have to dig around for your favorite egg flipping spatula in the back of a long drawer? What about that particular spice that you need for your favorite meal? What spaces in your home don’t work for you? If your space is not functioning the way you like, maybe an upfit is exactly what you need to get the ball rolling!





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