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Create Amazing Spaces. Build Relationships. Have Fun.

Need a facelift for your space or starting a new construction project? You're in the right place! At Beyond the Box Inc., our talented designers are dedicated to creating spaces that blend comfort and functionality. Whether it's an office, closet, kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, we listen to your needs and explore creative possibilities to maximize your space. 

Check out our designers' strengths below and book an in person consultation directly with them.

Your vision, our mission
Anita Price Closet Design Specialist

Closet & Garage Design Specialist

Anita is versatile, enjoying both new builds and remodels. She is known for her quick turnaround times and exceptional problem-solving abilities. Anita excels at meeting your needs while fostering positive collaborations with both clients and builders, making the design process smooth and enjoyable.

anita price

Upfit Drawer Organizer
Upfit Utensil Pullouts
Design Apprentice

Upfit Designer

Olivia has a talent for bringing visions to life and solving design challenges. She excels at forming strong relationships with her clients and enjoys working on both new builds and remodels. Olivia's ability to translate ideas into beautiful, functional spaces makes her a standout designer.

Olivia Black

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