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Have a chat with one of our designers to see how we can help. We have many lines of custom closet systems that we can help you navigate through!

Custom Walk-In & Reach-In Closets

Our Select closet system is our most popular! 

Strong - Select is a built-in storage solution you can trust. Designed to withstand a lifetime of worry-free use. Holds 170 pounds per linear foot

Innovative - Furniture-grade laminate, full-extension soft-close drawer glides and soft-close hinges combine to create the strongest storage solution available.

Traditional -  Fall in love with your home! Modern technology and innovation meets traditional style and appeal. Accessories maximize form and function to simplify day-to-day living.

Versatile -  From the laundry room to the primary bedroom, Select is the perfect built-in solution for storage needs throughout the home


Closets are sacred spaces in everyone’s home. Without the right tools and storage strategies, you will end up wasting the spaces meant for your efficient use. We have several methods to transform cabinets into optimum storage spaces for your rooms.

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01 - Hidden Hamper

With hidden storage, you can see what you want to see and store what you don't! Stash away the dirty clothes and linens.


02 - Adjustable Shelving & Rods

With adjustable shelving and rods, you can customize your space to fit your unique styles and needs. The best closet designs will prove to accommodate you moving forward in life.

_dsc1042 (1).jpg

04 - Hidden Storage

With hidden storage, you can see what you want to see and store what you don't! Stash away the bulky or out of place items to make your closet feel uniform and more spacious. 

03 - Pullout Baskets

It's so convenient to be able to remove the entire basket out of the cabinet and replace it just as easily! Pullout baskets are perfect for laundry, pantry items, stuffed animals, and linen.

_dsc1010 (1).jpg

05 - Slanted Shoe Shelf

Showcase your favorite shoes in your closet space!  Because they are angled, you can get a nicer look at the entire shoe, as well as the rest of your collection

closet 5_edited_edited.jpg
select-white-walk-in-closet-(5) (1).jpg

06 -Shelf Dividers

Add additional storage to your shelving with dividers! Perfect for bags, folded bulky clothing, towels and more.

Available in different styles and sizes.

07 - Jewelry Drawer Insert

No more tangled necklaces, this insert will keep your jewelry in place while displaying it beautifully in your closet!

belt-scarf organizers.jpeg

08 - Belt/Scarf Organizer

Maximize your closet space with these accessories!  Avoid the trouble of folding and unfolding scarves and rolling and stuffing belts where they don't belong by adding these essential closet tools to your space. 

09 - Valet Rod

Are you the type of person who likes to set out your outfit for the next morning?

This is the perfect tool for you!


This retractable valet rod allows you to hang your clothes for steaming, accessorizing, or even to dry. 


Want to learn more? 

Have a chat with one of our designers to see how we can help!

scarf organizer.jpeg

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Well designed organization is key to relieving stress and clutter in your life.  Let our skilled team of designers help identify the storage and organizational needs in your space to function at it's fullest potential!

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