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Steps For a Successful Closet Remodel

Thinking about your to get more space out of your closet? Daunted by the idea of a closet remodel? Glad you found us! At Beyond the Box, we love helping get people organized and especially their closets.


1. Call our showroom and set an appointment! We will meet either at the job site or at our showroom. Having inspiration pictures is a plus!

2. You tell us WHY YOU DON'T LOVE your closet. Imagine what it would take for you to love said space. Maybe you need stronger closet rods to hold up your clothes, drawers so minimize the cluttering feeling, shelves that is adjustable..... and maybe a new chandelier to give it that extra pizazz. We make notes of the Must Have's (like a valet rod, if you ask Kristy) and talk about potential Wish List items - think features such as Symphony Organizer & lighted closet rods.

3. We must have good measurements; either you give us the dimensions or we come visit your space. The following must be noted- all door swing directions, return walls, light switches, windows ,electrical outlets, heating vents, crawl spaces and light fixtures. (If you are providing measurements please send us pictures too.)

4. Next we DESIGN! Each closet is created for that specific space and specifically for the person, YOU, that is utilizing the space. We review the design, pricing and lead time. You select the panel color and any other material selections like cabinet pulls.

5. We order material, verify shipping and set an install date. You start purging items you haven't worn in years or just don't like. No point in putting them in your NEW closet.

6. Before install, removal of current shelving, any wall patching and painting will need to be done. This is done by the homeowner or handyman they hire. There is an option for closet backing which covers up the wall. If the new closet is floor mounted, baseboards will need to be removed and re-installed after the closets are in place.

7. Install day arrives! It is important there is a clear path inside and out of the home as there will be may items to carry in. Additionally, the installer will need a space to cut out of the weather elements. It is so fun to watch a room transform!

8. Once complete, our installers leave the closet to be MOVE IN READY. Now you get to put everything exactly where you imagined or you can call a professional organizer to help you.

9. Enjoy! You deserve it!

Are you considering remodeling your home? We would love to help! If you are in the Montana or Wyoming area, give us a call at (406)245-6981 to speak with a design specialist! Or contact us through our website by clicking the link below!

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