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Customizable upfits for every organizational need and function in your home.

What is an upfit?

Revitalizing living spaces innovatively through strategic modifications tailored to evolving needs.

No Need For A Full Remodel,

Upfit Your Space!

Elevate Your Space with Upfits: Upgrade your living space hassle-free with our Upfit Process. Tailored modifications, from tray dividers to lighting updates, revitalize your home without the need for a full remodel.


Time Saving Solutions: Say goodbye to lengthy remodels. Our streamlined process minimizes disruption, delivering efficient upgrades that refresh your home in no time. Experience the convenience of upfitting today!


Budget Friendly Brilliance: Achieve your dream space without breaking the bank. Upfits offer cost-effective solutions, allowing you to prioritize upgrades within your budgetary constraints.


Explore Our Favorite Upfit Options:

1. Tray Dividers: Maximize organization and accessibility in your cabinets with custom tray dividers.

Waste Container Solutions: Keep your space clean and clutter-free with innovative waste container solutions tailored to fit your needs.

Drawer Organizers: Say goodbye to chaotic drawers with our drawer organizers fit to your exact drawer measurements, perfect for keeping utensils, tools, and accessories in order.

4. Countertop Updates: Refresh the heart of your home with updated countertops, available in a variety of materials and styles to suit your taste.

Drawer Pulls: Add a touch of sophistication to your cabinetry with stylish drawer pulls and handles in a range of finishes.

Cabinet Upgrades: Transform your storage solutions with upgraded cabinets, offering both functionality and aesthetics to enhance your space.

Lighting Enhancements: Illuminate your home with updated lighting fixtures, creating ambiance and enhancing visibility throughout your living areas.

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More Upfit Options


Utensil Pullout

Are you tired of running around your kitchen to get all the items needed to prep meals? Save those steps and opt for a utensil pullout! 

DSC09253 (1).jpg
DSC09253 (1).jpg
Duncan-21 (1).jpg


Pantry Pullouts

There is nothing worse than food getting shoved to the back of the pantry, only to be forgotten about and thrown out a couple of months later. These rollouts are the PERFECT solution!


Waste & Recycling Pullout Baskets

The perfect solution for your kitchen waste needs!

Loredo-9 (1).jpg


Tray Organizer

Simple but effective. Why fight with your baking sheets or platters and just organize them. Perfect for those small cabinets either above your refrigerator or the skinny cabinets next to your oven.

tray divider.jpeg
Kolk Cody-19.jpg
Kolk Cody-18 (1).jpg


Tray Base Pullout

Are you an avid baker? This tray base pullout is perfect to store a large amount of baking sheets, platters, muffin pans, and more!


Door Mount Spice Rack

Keep spices within reach, organized, and easily accessible with this 4 tier door mount spice rack!

Liz Francis-11 (3).jpg
Fischer-13 (1).jpg


2 Tiered Utensil Drawer

Double up your drawer space with a 2 tier cutlery drawer. Perfect for separating the "on occasion" silverware and the everyday silverware!


Drip Tray

Avoid the water damage to your cabinetry with drip trays! 

drip tray.jpg


Want to learn more? 

Have a chat with one of our designers to see how we can help!

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Well designed organization is key to relieving stress and clutter in your life.  Let our skilled team of designers help identify the storage and organizational needs in your space to function at it's fullest potential!

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